Level 3 Takeaway Menu

Available daily 5pm-7pm

Please call us on (03) 439 4705 to place your order and we will advise when it will be ready

Fish and Chips

Chips 1 scoop

Chips ½ scoop

Wedges 1 scoop

Orange Roughy Fillet

Fish Bite

Crumbed Mussel

Tempura Prawn

Prawn Twister

Squid Ring

Hot Dog


Chicken Nugget

Chicken Tender

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Beef Bacon BBQ

Chicken Bacon Aioli

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ham and pineapple

mushroom, red onion, capsicum, sundried tomatoes, olives, tomato, oregano with a may topping

bacon, ham, salami, chicken, with dashes of bbq and aioli sauces

chicken, brie, red onion and cheese with cranberry sauce

chicken, olives, sundried tomatos, capsicums & feta with aioli

Shag Point 2.0
salmon, feta, red onion, capers

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Nachos Beef or Vegetarian (gf)
topped with cheese & sour cream

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How collection is going to work

Pickup point for takeaways will be at the front door of the Tavern – this will be contactless and you will not be able to enter the building.

You are welcome to wait in the carpark.

You will receive a text message from us to confirm that your order is ready to be collected. Your order will be placed on the table at the entrance to the brewery and we will confirm it is your order then step away from the table.

There will be hand sanitiser at the table for you to use before you use the Eftpos unit.

We will use gloves and sanitiser, and have minimal contact with your packaging.

We will be following all the strict sanitisation steps before and after pick up.